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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lazy Saturdays with Friends...

As my daughter is away at her dad's for the weekend I was able to go out to breakfast this morning with a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while. And during that 3 hours we were together we laughed and told stories, and even had a chance to stop a yard sale briefly. One thing to know about my friend Maggie is that she is totally awesome of course, but also that given any topic we talk about she is able to turn that conversation funny. No matter if its religion, or dating, or speculating about my ex's maybe shady under the table employer (private joke), she has a gift for turning the ordinary into fun or funny as it were. I know she's reading this going, "oh stop it, give me a break", but she really is one of the funnier friends that I have whether she believes it or not.Which just makes sense all the more that she is my friend because she is just as twisted as I can be too. Its funny how our friendship has evolved too because we met initially when I was still employed full time at a major car manufacturer, and we would always be friendly and talk sometimes. It wasn't until I left that job that we became better friends even going for the occassional lunch or breakfast a couple times a year. It gets me thinking how much closer we would probably be if we had taken the time to cultivate that friendship earlier, although I am totally glad we hang out now. All this gets me thinking about my relationships with the other friends I have, and how I could do better. Whether it be work or illness or demands of a family, these days it seems it is getting harder and harder to hang onto our friendships, especially when you've known someone a really long time, and couple of mine fall into that category. I have been learning that its not necessarily personal when a friend can't talk on the phone or meet me for lunch because they are too busy because I understand the demands of the world and the pressures it puts on us mom's or even the single friends I have like Maggie who maybe have alot on their plate and just don't have the time. I have learnt to let that stuff go because its not important, and the things we love about our friends are still there even though we see less of them. So today I am grateful for all my friends, the ones I see sometimes or even the ones I hardly ever see, because at the end of the day they are still my friends and I will always be there when they truly need me. And Maggie I really hope that you do write a book someday and unleash all that creativity I know you have in you, because you are worthy of praise and let's face it, the world needs more people like you who can make people laugh and go hmmm at the same time.

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  1. Fun post! Girlfriends are one of the best gifts in life. I find that in my life my friendships have changed, grown or faded over the years. Life and life situations can chance them even if you don't want them too. But the core friendships remain and I am blessed.