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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Some Days I'm Just a Worried Mom....

So lately my daughter has been having some health issues of the intestinal nature which, I have to admit scare the heck out of me. Never have I seen so much blood come out of a 9 year old. So for the past year, off and on, she has been having these problems and going for tests. So today comes and yet again another test. This time it was for a Meckles Scan which checks for foreign tissue in the bowels that can get irritated and tear and bleed. On one hand this explains all her symptoms, but on the other I really hope thats not the problem as it involves a bowel resection to correct it. So here is my baby getting an I.V. like a champ and managing to keep still on the table with the large camera above her, her veins filled with radioactive isotopes, for an hour. Her insides light up like a Christmas tree and the particles highlight certain parts of her intestinal track. Very cool to look at, but not easy to understand what these pictures mean. I guess that's why I'm not the one getting paid to interpret the scans. After all is done and the I.V. is out they give her a Big Ol' Cherry slushie and usher us along. This is only one part of the journey of all the tests and blood draws and xrays that my girl has had to endure this past year, but i have to say she is to me the bravest kid I know. I am more scared of the tests for her than she is. Imagine that! lol So the moral after all is that some times we need to drop down to the level of our children to gain the fearlessness and courage to get through such things. Sometimes our children are stronger than we are, and everyday I look at my daughter and I am amazed at the young lady she is becoming. So unafraid of life, and of taking chances. Telling me to relax when I really need to, because sometimes our children are more intuitive than we are. An that`s not scary to me anymore, because it gives me hope that my kids ( this includes my step-son who I am sure will be featured in another blog someday) will grow up to be wonderful and successful adults. So medical issues aside I try not to worry because we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to our kids, and I will stop worrying about what it is that is wrong and let the doctors do their jobs. Which for me is hard, being a bit of a control freak, but hey I`m not the one with the PHD.

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  1. Having watched my Mom getting nervous before my muscle biopsy, I know how your daughter must have felt. Hope she gets well soon. :)

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