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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blogity, Blog, Blog, Blog

If you hadn't noticed, the posts have been infrequent, however that is about to change. When I first started this blog I was still unsure as to exactly what it was to be, and to evolve into. But I think that as far as subject matter goes, I will let my mind make it up as I go along, adding in tidbits here and there into my fantastic life as a Single Mother, and Pro Girl Guide Cookie Eater! Because that's how I roll. I have links to all the social media sites I belong to and a few that are not mine that I follow because of their genius, aside from my own.
A brief intro about who I am, starts with the fact that I am fairly newly divorced as of last summer. I am sure that at some point I may blog about it, but for now will keep the nasty bits private. Lets just say that I am still traumatized by it in some ways, but it has not broken me. What is has done however is make me stronger, smarter about my decisions, and very cautious of a certain category of the male species. I am not here to bash (too much) and wish everyone joy and the ability to fart rainbows out their asses. Mostly I have a positive spin on life, its hard not to with what I've been blessed with. A beautiful daughter, Super-step-son, and the love of the rest of my family is all I need. Now, I have never made it a secret about my Christianity and sometimes I may blog about that too, but rest assured that no one has to worry about me preaching too much. Its is up to you and not me what your religion is, and what you believe in general is none of my business, so lets agree to disagree for the sake of society about our religious affiliations and all get along K? Fantastic! So, moving on I hope that for the future, this blog will be informative, funny, thought provoking, and always full of love. That work for you, cuz it works for me.. ok...go!!!

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