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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Self Imposed Hiatus- Why it is crucial to your creativity!!

During the last month and a half I have been on a self-imposed hiatus. I had been finding that I was under too much stress and writers block was getting the better of me. Not that I didn't want to write, and engage with the world, it was more of a literal blank in my mind when it came to all things creative which in my experience is not a normal thing for me. So I did the hard thing and tried to turn off and tune out. Being ADHD myself you can imagine this being like trying to climb Everest, but it was necessary that I do it because of this reason. For too long I, like many others who are plugged in 24/7 to the whims and demand of the Web, was feeling like I had nothing to say. My creative juices weren't flowing, the well was dry and I was slowly realizing that I needed to recharge somehow. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have something to say about anything. Being quiet and reserved are not my strong suit which is why I knew I needed some time to work out the figuritive and literal knots in my muscles and mind. When you give too much of yourself to family and community and WWW it can have an effect on you I like to call "Being in a Sinkhole".  It is just as it suggests. You are continually being pushed and pulled down by all the forces of demand and your thoughts and energy drain out of you till at the end you are sitting there in front of computer screen staring mindlessly at the blinking cursor on the page. Nothing to say, to write, to think, to sing, to draw. This becomes the tragedy of everyone. So next time you feel yourself feeling this way, just get out and unplug everything your tapped into. Go for a walk in a forest, sit on a beach, read a real hardcover, visit family, and most of all just listen. And do it for as long as you need to. The art of doing nothing important can be beneficial for us creative types as it forces us to let the mind wander, the words to flow, the ears to tune in to more than what is really being said or heard. Anyway you feel that you must do it, make it happen or rather just let it happen naturally. I think as a whole society is forgetting what it means to relax. Money being the goal of alot of ambition in life makes it difficult for most to take the time to do something for themselves. Experience the work and creativeness of others to inspire yourself. This is important. Creating works means nothing if it can't be enjoyed and appreciated, and not just by others, you should love what you do, and taking the time to recharge will make you better at your medium. This is all my experience. Maybe you have a different view or process, whatever it is don't ignore it. Savour solitude when you can and soak up appreciation when it is offered.Just a few nuggets that I have realized works for me and my life. What works for you? How do you recenter yourself? Really think about it.

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